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Research Steps

1. Choose Your Topic

The first step in research is to know your topic. Some instructors may assign you a specific topic, but others may let you choose your own topic. Here is a short tutorial to help you choose a research topic.

2. Find Information

Select the guide on the left that relates the closest to your topic. Use the guide to search:

  • Discovery Search, which includes the library catalog and most databases
  • Individual databases

To look for a specific Journal by title, use our Journal Locator.

3. Evaluate Your Sources

It is important to evaluate information to determine if it is reliable and relevant to your research project.  These tutorials can help you choose high-quality sources.

4. Use Information

If you need writing assistance, the Center for Learning Excellence (CLE) has tutors who can give writing tips and advice and also proofread your papers.  The Purdue Online Writing Lab also has useful advice to assist you in the writing process.

5. Cite Your Sources

Plagiarism occurs when you use words or ideas without giving proper credit to the author. Plagiarism, whether intentional or not, is unethical and it is a violation of the STC Student Code of Conduct. To avoid plagiarism, you should always cite your sources.


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If you need help finding information, feel free to consult a reference librarian in person or select one of these options.

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