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Course Description

Course Description

This course provides an orientation to the field of kinesiology, its scope, organization of professional activities, vocational opportunities and professional qualifications.

Course Calendar

Course Calendar for KINE1301 () 8/23/2021 to 12/12/2021

The following is a tenative schedule for this class. Schedule is subject to change*

General Description of Lectures and Discussions. Major Assignments and Examinations

Week 1


Philosophy Statement (Assignment)

Physical Education: Kinesiology defined

Week 2

Allied Fields

Major Philosophies

Goals and objectives

Week 3

Three Domains

Purpose of Assessment

Wellness Movement

Week 4

Physical Activity of Children and Youth

Early Programs—Spot History


Week 5

Motor Learning

Stages of Learning

Chapter 4 & Chapter 5

Discussion 3:  Chapter 5

Week 6

Motor Development and Fundamental Skills


Week 7

Principals and Concepts of Movement

Physiology of Exercise

Exam 1

Week 8

Energy Production and Fitness Principles

FITT/Fitness Components

Week 9

Sports and Goal Setting

Benefits of Physical Activity

Week 10

Sport Pedagogy

Areas of Study

Sport/Fitness/Outdoor Education

Week 11

Curriculum Development

Careers: Teaching/Coaching

Week 12

Teaching/Coaching Responsibilities

Exam 2

Week 13

Community/Commercial Programs

Sport Management

Week 14

Athletic Administration


Week 15

Leadership in Youth Programs

Carry Over Activities

Week 16


Review and Discussion

Exam 3 (Final)