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Course Description

Course Description

This course focuses on general principles of health care statistics with emphasis in hospital statistics. Also included is skill development in computation and calculation of health data. Prerequisite: HITT 1301 and Program Chair approval.

Course Calendar




Week 1




 Intro to the course (the links in this area take a user to the module it covers. Link to that page)

Review Syllabus/ Course Outline


Chapter 1 Introduction to Health Statistics


Chapter 2 Mathematics Review

Don't forget the discussion board!


Read Chapters 1 & 2 

Self-Introduction (8/30-9/02)

Chapter 1 &2 Exercises/Review

Chapter 1 Quiz

Chapter 2 Quiz

Review for Exam 1 (chapter 1,2, &3)



09/06 Labor Day - Holiday College Closed

Week 2 




Chapter 3 Patient Census


Chapter 4 Inpatient Bed Occupancy


Don't forget the discussion board!


Read Chapters 3 & 4


Chapter 3 & 4 Exercises/Review


Chapter 4 Assignment



Week 3




Chapter 5 Length of Stay


Chapter 6 Mortality Rates


Read Chapter 5 & 6

Chapter 5 & 6 Exercises/Review

Chapter 5 Assignment

Week 4




Chapter 7 Hospital Autopsies and Autopsy Rates

Chapter 8 Morbidity and Other Miscellaneous Rates


Read Chapters 7 & 8

Chapter 7 & 8 Exercises/Review


Exam 2 (chapters 6,7, & 8)


Week 5 





Chapter 9  Statistics Computed within the Health Information Management Department


Chapter 10 Descriptive Statistics in Healthcare


Read Chapter 9 & 10

Chapters 9 & 10 Exercises/Review





Week 6




Chapter 11 Presentation of Data


Chapter 12 Basic Research Principles



Read Chapters 11 & 12

Chapter 11 & 12


Chapter 11 Review


10/06 Last Day to Withdraw  

Week 7






Chapter 13 Inferential Statistics in Healthcare

Read Chapter 13

Chapter 13



Review for the Final (chapters 12 & 13)







Chapters 12 & 13

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8:00am - 10:00pm