CLE Academic Coaching

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Academic Coaches meet with students individually to strengthen the skills needed to be successful in any course. Personalized coaching is available to students by appointment, onsite or online, and walk-ins are accommodated as possible. Coaches provide students with semester-long support in developing skills like using a planner, developing a study plan, avoiding procrastination, reading college-level textbooks, managing time more effectively, or improving communication.

What are the benefits of Academic Coaching?

  • Understand how your syllabus connects to assignments, quizzes, and tests
  • Manage your time so that you can study and fulfill your family and work obligations
  • Learn strategies for effective note taking and test taking
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with faculty and classmates inside and outside of the classroom
  • Learn how to conquer academic reading and improve your critical thinking skills
  • Learn how to set goals for your day, week, month, and semester
  • Learn how to take advantage of free resources at the CLE and throughout the college

How do I arrange a coaching session?

Click on the button to request a session. An academic coach will contact you to schedule an initial 45-minute session to meet you and review your syllabi. Follow-up sessions are approximately 30 minutes each.  



Academic Coaches: 

Alex Mendoza

  • 956-872-7274

Brenda Munguia, MEd.

  • 956-872-5654

Catalina Pena

  • 956-872-1942

Learning Support Manager: 

Rosario Vazquez

  • 956-872-7277