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Want to know one of the most valuable things that you have? TIME!

In college, time management is an important skill to build and maintain. It is the way you organize and plan how much time you will spend on certain tasks. It is no surprise students struggle with time management, as many of you must balance out your work, personal, and social life all while managing classes. Time management has great benefits such as more productivity, less stress, efficient workflow, higher quality work, etc. Remember, you want to work smarter, not harder. 

You want to accomplish your goals when managing your time. To do this, you should write everything down and keep a schedule/agenda that tracks all your tasks/events. We recommend for you to put reminders around your workspace to help you complete your daily goals. Doing things one at a time and establishing a routine can also be beneficial. Remember to take breaks wisely to give your mind time to rest but do not procrastinate. Additionally, do not forget to reward yourself for a job well done. 

Time management is a way for you to prioritize your time to best suit your needs. Good time management skills will help you become less stressed, have more free time, and use your precious time more efficiently. An efficient use of time means that you can do better work!