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Downloading & Viewing eBooks: EBSCO- eBook Collection

Welcome to the eBooks Subject Guide. This guide is designed to help in downloading and viewing eBooks from our various databases.

EBSCO eBooks

All EBSCO eBooks are available in the eBook Full Text format. This format allows the eBook to be read while the computer remains online. It allows for searching within the text, and to print or email up to 60 pages of the book. No accounts or programs need to be set up in order to read an EBSCO eBook in this format. For assistance, please visit EBSCO's support site

The Download (Offline) format is available for most EBSCO eBooks. This format allows the eBook to be checked out and read on a computer that is offline. Also, in this format the eBook can be transferred to an e-reader or mobile device. 

EBSCO eBooks can be loaded on to your mobile device directly from internet or by doing a file transfer. In order to download an EBSCO eBook you will need an Adobe ID and a reading app on your device that is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions. The reading app you choose will need to be Authorized with your Adobe ID.

Recommended: The Bluefire Reader app is a free reading application available for both iOS and Android Devices. To Authorize your Bluefire Reader, open the application, select Info at the top of the screen, under Enable Adobe eBooks select Authorize and enter your Adobe ID and password. Please refer to the homepage of this guide to find video demonstrations on setting up Bluefire Reader. 

If you are trying to access any database from off-campus, please sign in to the Library’s proxy server first. You can get there by clicking the Accounts & Renewals link on the Services Links toolbar on the left side of the Library’s homepage and then by clicking the Access Databases Off-Campus link to sign into the Proxy.

Viewing an EBSCO eBook Online

1. On the Library's homepage, use Discovery Search for your query. 

2. This is the results page. We searched for "Leadership Styles". To view an eBook, find a title that has a button with the text "View it Online"


Note: If you are attempting to view an eBook from off-campus, you will be brought to our EZ proxy login. Sign in with your Jagnet credentials. 


3. On the actual eBook catalog entry, notice all of the bibliographic information pertaining to that eBook. There will be information on the author(s), editor(s), description/abstract, citation tools, and options to read the content online without needing to download it. 

4. To begin reading the eBook, select either PDF Full Text or EPUB Full Text from the options. In some cases, you may only find HTML Full Text.

5. Once the eBook is loaded, you can navigate to a certain page or chapter from the table of contents area. 

You can also print out chapters or pages of the book as needed. The ability to do so and the amount of pages allowed to print is set by the publisher.

You can also easily cite the book if needed. If you need to get back to it, you can also grab the item's permalink. 


6 .(Optional) To be able to save your place in the book or any annotations, you must first create an EBSCO account. 

To do so, select the Sign In link at the top of the page. For mobile users, tap the menu icon first to see the Sign In option. 


If you already have an EBSCO account, please sign in. If not, hit the "Create one now" link at the bottom of the page. Once signed in, you will be taken back to the item you were viewing (if you were viewing one) or taken back to the databases homepage. 


7. (Optional) Once you are logged in to your account, you can freely add notes to your eBook. To do so, look for the "My Notes" typically located above the Table of Contents area.



7a. From here, notes can be taken, and they will be saved/sorted by date and page. 

Downloading EBSCOhost eBooks

This area of the guide is to assist you with downloading eBooks from the EBSCO eBook database for iOS, Android, and Windows OS devices. Follow through the the training session below to learn how to download eBooks from EBSCOhost. 

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