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Chicago Citation Style - 17th Edition

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Direct Quotations

Numbers in parentheses refer to specific pages in the Chicago 17th Edition manual.

Chapter 13 (sections 13.1 - 13.72) of the Chicago Manual offers recommendations and guidelines for incorporating words quoted from other sources.

Run In Quotes (section 13.10)

In incorporating quotations into a text, phrase the surrounding sentence in such a way that the quoted words fit logically and grammatically. Run in quotes are incorporated into the surrounding text and enclosed in quotation marks, "like this."

Block Quotes (section 13.10)

A quotation of a hundred words of more (at least 6-8 lines of text) can generally be set off as a block quotation. Block quotations are not enclosed by quotation marks, begin on a new line, and are indented.

A quotation of 2 or more paragraphs should be set off as a block quotation.

Permissible Changes to Quotations (section 13.7)

Chicago style allows minor changes to quotations in specific situations. Most notably, and different than other citation styles, obvious typographic errors may be corrected silently (without comment or sic - see section 13.61), unless the passage quoted is from an older work where idiosyncrasies of spelling are generally preserved.