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EDUC 1100 Course Guide

Assigned Reading

Chapter 7: Pages 232-275 

Adopting Lifelong Learning 


  • Case Study in critical Thinking: A Fish Story 
  • Developing a Growth Mindset 
  • Discovering Your Preferred Ways of Learning  
  • Employing Critical Thinking and Information Competency  
  • Develop Self-Respect 
  • Healthy Choices: Physcial Activity

GUEST SPEAKER: (Counseling Department) The Transfer Process 

Chapter 8: Pages 276-310 

Developing Emotional Intelligence 

Read Pages: 276-291 

  • Case Study in Critical Thinking: After Math 
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence 
  • Reducing Stress 

Chapter 8: Pages 292-310 

Developing Emotional Intelligence 

  • Increasing Happiness 
  • One Student’s Story: Faith Hannah Lea 
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work 
  • Develop Self-Acceptance  
  • Healthy Choices: Sleep 

Presentation from Office of Student Behavior

Chapter 9: Pages 311-319 

Staying On Course to Your Success 


  • Planning Your Next Steps 
  • Complete Self-Assessment on pages 313-315 
  • Choices of Successful Students  
  • One Student’s Story: Stephen J. Montgomery

Career Power Points presentations

Career Research Paper Due 

1. Career Quiz results due

Final exam date is based on STC’s official final exam schedule. 

Definition of Success


Lazzeretti reflects on his childhood dreams and ideas of success. He values achieving a dream, but also maintaining a balance between family life and an artistic career.

Supplemental Resources

A coach's guide to emotional intelligence: strategies for developing successful leaders

Hughes, Marcia
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Career Planning Essentials

Career planning goes beyond choosing a major— it's a continuous and lifetime effort of determining where you are and where you want to be. The Office of Career & Employer Services helps students to develop strategies that support career and life goals.

Learn how programs at South Texas College lead to great careers! Get started, view matches, and start exploring your future.

CLE Workshops

The CLE offers free workshops where you can learn student success skills or prepare for the TSI Assessment. Workshops are offered online, at scheduled times, and by request.