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EDUC 1100 Course Guide

Assigned Reading

Chapter 1- pg. 1-44

Getting On Course to Your Success

Orientation & Introduction, Syllabus, Campus Resources, (Academic Advising/Counseling) 

Self-Assessment  page 25 

Chapter 1: Pages 1-14 

  • College Smart Guide 
  • Understanding the Culture of Higher Education

Chapter 1: Pages 15-20 

  • Understanding the Expectations of College and University Educators

Chapter 1: Pages 21-31 

  • Understanding Yourself 

Chapter 1: Pages 21-44 

  • Read: One Student Story page 31 
  • Soft Skills at Work pages 32-34 
  • Money Matters 
  • Decrease Money Flowing Out 
  • Read: One Student Story page 44

Chapter 2: Pages 45-83 

Accepting Personal Responsibility  

  • Read pages: 46-65 
  • Case Study in Critical Thinking: The Late Paper 
  • Adopting a Creator Mindset 
  • Mastering Creator Language  
  • Making Wise Decisions 

Chapter 2: Pages 66-83 

Accepting Personal Responsibility 

  • One Student’s Story 
  • Personal Responsibility  
  • Change Your Inner Conversation 
  • Healthy Choices: Introduction, Alcohol. 

Chapter 3: Pages 84-120 

Discovering Self-Motivation 

  • Pages 84-103 
  • Case Study in Critical Thinking: Popson’s Dilemma 
  • Creating Inner Motivation 
  • Designing a Compelling Life Plan 
  • Committing to Your Goals and Dreams 

Chapter 3: Pages 105-120 

  • One Student’s Story 
  • Self-Motivation at Work 
  • Write a Personal Affirmation 
  • Healthy Choices: Drugs 

Presentation from University Center     

Welcome to the Library


Textbook: Downing, S. & Brennan, J. (2019). On course: strategies for creating success in college and in life. (9th ed.). Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 978-0357022689

Supplemental Resources

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