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EDUC 1100 Course Guide

Assigned Reading

Chapter 4: Pages 121-162 

Mastering Self-Management 

Read Pages: 121-139 

  • Case Study in Critical Thinking: The Procrastinators 
  • Acting on Purpose 
  • Creating a Leakoff Self-Management System 

Presentation from Career Services

Chapter 4: Pages 140-162 


  • Developing Grit 
  • One Student’s story: Holt Boggs 
  • Self-Management at Work 
  • Developing Self-Confidence 
  • Healthy Choices: Smoking 

(Library Presentation: Research)

Chapter 5: Pages 163-198 

Employing Interdependence  

Read Pages: 164-181 

  • Case Study in Critical Thinking: Professor Rogers’s Trial 
  • Creating a Support System 
  • Strengthening Relationships with Active Listening 
  • Respecting Cultural Differences 

Chapter 5: Pages 182-198 

  • Interdependence at Work 
  • Be Assertive  
  • One Student’s Story: Amy Acton 
  • Healthy Choices: Food 

Go over guidelines for 

  1.  Short research paper on field of study 
  1. Career PowerPoint Presentation 
  1. Career Quiz

Chapter 6: Pages 199-231 

Gaining Self-Awareness 

Read Pages: 200-231 

  • Case Study in Critical Thinking: Strange Choices 
  • Recognizing When You Are Off Course 
  • Identifying Your Scripts 
  • Rewriting Your Outdated Scripts 
  • Self-Awareness at Work 
  • Write Your Own Rules 
  • Healthy Choices: Drinks (Nonalcoholic) 

Presentation from Veteran Affairs  

Emotional Self Awareness


The first step to develop emotional intelligence is to recognize your own thinking patterns and to get in touch with your intuition.

Supplemental Resources

10 Ways to Productivity

Boon, Andy
Resource Type:
The 10 ways to a series provides advice, skills, and strategies to the readers for successfully negotiating different aspects of life. The reader is encouraged to critically reflect on the reading material and their own lives in order to make any changes that would benefit them.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics you can search this website for your career and it will provide you with educational requirements, job outlook, salary expectations, environmental expectations, and much more.

Occupational Information Network

Sponsored by the US Department of Labor, this searchable website gives you information similar to that provided in the Occupational Outlook Handbook, but also provides information in bullet-ed format and provides you with lists of the characteristics of people in your desired field.