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South Texas College Makerspace (Beta)

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To use the Makerspace equipment, please reserve an appointment, or contact us at (956)872-7208

Upcoming Workshops


An area for creativity and thinking. Students are actively able to share knowledge and work on projects hands-on with the tools and for creativity that we provide.

South Texas College is committed to giving our students the proper access and support to help them succeed. The makerspace area will have resources such as: 3D Printers, Plotters, AR/VR, Sound Studio, and Networking to be of service to the learning experience of the student.

Makerspace Usage

To use the Makerspace equipment, participants must first have either attended one of our Makerspace Workshops 
completed the series of online 3D Printing trainings through Niche Academy.


Niche Academy Training


Niche Academy Trainings

For new makerspace users, select the Niche Academy link above to access our online safety and hardware trainings for the Pecan Makerspace. An account will need to be created in order to track your completion status.

Once you are on the website:

  • Click on the user icon    located at the top right corner.
  • Click "Create a free account"
  • Fill out the information form (First Name, Last Name, etc.)
  • Create My Account

You will automatically receive an email with your credentials.

Once you are logged in to Niche Academy, complete the trainings relating to the service of interest. Completion of these trainings will enable you to reserve the corresponding equipment at any of our Makerspace locations.