"Science is about what is; engineering is about what can be." -Neil Armstrong


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Highlighted Engineering Materials

These textbooks are open educational resources (OER) that are free to use without first seeking permission from the author. However, how they may be used is determined by their licensing .  

Engineering Dynamics - A Graphical Approach

"This web designed to be suitable for a two course sequence for Mechanical Engineering majors." -Israel Urieli

Written by   Israel Urieli
Licensing   CC BY NC SA 3.0 US

A Heat Transfer Textbook, 4th edition

This is an "introduction to heat and mass transfer, oriented toward engineering students." -John H. Lienhard IV & V

Written by   John H. Lienhard IV & John H. Lienhard V
Licensing   Copyright  © 2000-2017.  The authors are granting the right to download and print book for personal use or for non-profit instructional use. Any other use is subject to the restrictions of U.S. Copyright Law.

Basics of Fluid Mechanics

"This book, Basics of Fluid Mechanics, describes the fundamentals of fluid mechanics phenomena for engineers and others. This book is designed to replace all introductory textbook(s) or instructor's notes for the fluid mechanics in undergraduate classes for engineering/science students but also for technical peoples. It is hoped that the book could be used as a reference book for people who have at least some basics knowledge of science areas such as calculus, physics, etc." -Preface

Written by   Genick Bar-Meir
Licensing   Copyright (C) 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 Dr. Genick Bar-Meir.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or later or Potto license.

Thermodynamics and Chemistry

"Thermodynamics and Chemistry is designed primarily as a textbook for a one-semester course in classical chemical thermodynamics at the graduate or undergraduate level. It can also serve as a supplementary text and thermodynamics reference source. " - Howard DeVoe

Written by  Howard DeVoe
Licensing  CC BY NC ND 3.0

Electromagnetics, Volume 1

This textbook is " intended for electrical engineering students in the third year of a bachelor of science degree program. It is intended as a primary textbook for a one-semester first course in undergraduate engineering electromagnetics. The book employs the “transmission lines first” approach in which transmission lines are introduced using a lumped-element equivalent circuit model for a differential length of transmission line, leading to one-dimensional wage equations for voltage and current."

Written by  Steven W. Ellingson
Licensing  CC BY SA 4.0

Engineering OER Collections

The purpose of these discipline specific pages is to showcase content that might be of interest to faculty who are considering adopting open educational resources for use in their classes.