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EDUC 1300 Course Guide

Assigned Reading

Assignment or Exam Tentative Due Date
Syllabus Acknowledgement Week 1
College Success Quiz in Workbook Week 1
Define Yourself as a Student Week 2
Did You Know reasons Week 2
Job Market Quiz Week 2
Journal 1 Week 3
Journal 2 Week 3
Self-Assessment textbook pgs. 6-9 Week 3
Journal 3 Week 4
Journal 4 Week 4
Time of your Life Activity Week 4
Grade Point Average Activity Week 4
Case Study – “The Late Paper” Week 5
Journal 5 Week 5
Journal 6 Week 5
Journal 7 Week 5
Case Study – “Popson’s Dilemma”
Week 6
Journal 9
Week 6
Journal 10
Week 6


Welcome to the Library

College Success: What Is Research?


Students can develop stronger arguments for their college essays by using multiple sources for research. Use reliable Internet databases; utilize library resources; and include diverse points of view.

Supplemental Resources

Time Management: Get an Extra Day a Week

Haynes, Marion E.
Resource Type:
It doesn't matter if you use a paper notebook or the fanciest smartphone, mastering your use of time will help you achieve more and worry less. Learn the basic principles of time management and discover the personal style that works best for you.

Educational College Success Library Orientation

Learn about the various resources and services that the Library offers through this interactive tutorial.