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Pathways to Success: Making the Transition from School to Work


This program, hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith, chronicles the challenges that confront America’s youth as they move from high school into the labor force. Seventy-five percent of the students entering high school today will not go on to receive a four-year college degree. These young people lack a clear pathway leading to long-term, gainful employment. The program focuses on three young people to examine the potential solutions to this problem. Jason Fuller is typical of the majority of young people entering the labor force; he has little or no job preparation or career guidance and no concrete plans after graduation. Meanwhile, his peers Eric Baumann and Brenda Radoll are taking advantage of an apprenticeship pilot program that will prepare them for a career in high-tech printing. The program juxtaposes the experiences of these students with those of young people in Germany, where students who do not plan to enter college have several options for successful careers in high-skill, high-wage jobs. (48 minutes)

Textbooks & Resources

Downing, S. (2017). On course: strategies for creating success in college and in life. (8th ed.). Boston: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning.
ISBN-13: 978-1305397477

Educational Learning Theories

Author: Zhou, Molly and Brown, David

Publisher: Education Open Textbooks 1. (Later referred to as “ELT”) (FREE)

Edition: 2nd (2015)

ISBN: Education Open Textbooks 1. (Later referred to as “ELT”) (FREE)

Availability: Free

Navigate: Exploring College and Careers

Author: Princeton, Williams, Mares, Lupe, and Kizer, Susan (2019)

Publisher: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

ISBN: Open Source

Price: Free

Other Resources

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