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CLE TSI Math: Home

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TSI Math Review Videos

The videos on this page are grouped by TSI diagnostic strands, but may be accessed in any order. If you have already taken the TSI, you can refer to your placement results to identify which diagnostic strands are recommended for you to review.


Quantitative Reasoning
Title Length
Order of Operations 11m 39s
Algebraic Reasoning
Probabilistic and Statistical Reasoning
Title Length
Central Tendency & Range 10m 18s

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Custom TSI Resources

If you have taken the TSI, you can access more custom learning resources by visiting the website below. Enter the Learning Locator Code from your placement test results into the “Welcome” box and click “Go!”. Be sure to enter the full Learning Locator Code, which consists of text (“ELAR” or “MATH”) followed by numbers.

The link below will take you to the Pearson Perspective TSI resources webpage.

Custom TSI Resources

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