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Pecan Campus Library Renovation: Renovation Plan

Welcome to the South Texas College renovation page, where you can find the latest updates and news about the renovation.

Project Objective

  • Update the functionality of the space to keep up with changes in the types of spaces that are  conducive to student learning:​

    • Study Rooms​

    • Silent study area​

    • Emerging technology spaces including AR/VR, 3-D printing, and other;​

  • Improve the adjacency and flow of functions, among other things, to minimize unnecessary flow of  traffic and noise through study areas;​

  • Provide an adequate library facility that appropriately supports the College’s educational and mission-related activities in compliance with SACSCOC standard 13.7;​

  • Increase the number of students the facility can accommodate

Phase I - Period: FY2022 - 2023

        Create silent study area on 2nd floor (F-224) by adding a wall to create a vestibule in front of the elevators and stairs and a door leading into the silent  study area.​

  • Build two staff offices on 2nd floor adjacent F-235, move staff from rooms F-116 and F-118 on first floor, and  convert F-116 and F-118 into group study rooms​

  • Enhance capacity of extended hours room (F-134) as a self-service open computer lab​

      ►  Convert room F-102 into a training room​

      ✔  Repaint Open Lab F-130

Phase II - Period: FY2023 - 2024

         Create 7 group study rooms on 1st floor by relocating 1 of 3 compact shelving systems to the Technology Campus Library
             and consolidating operations of two 1st floor service desks​

  • Create a CLE communications studio and an adjoining study room along the north wall of the 1st floor​

  • Add power to CLE writing center area​

        Repaint Educational Technologies space

Phase III - Period: FY2024 - 2025

  • Create a makerspace in F-130 to provide resources and services aligned with evolving curriculum needs​

  • Modify room F-183 into a CLE Writing Center huddle room​

  • Remodel F-220, F-223, and door placement along administrative area walkway to improve staff  workspace capacity and improve operational workflow​

  • Create a staff office within the Learning Commons and Open Labs administrative area (F-173)​


► - In Progress

✔ - Completed

Library Building Highlights