south texas college

RNSG 1301 Course Guide


Course Learning Outcome

    Suggested Learning Outcomes Evaluation Methods
CLO #1 Describe the importance of a holistic health assessment. Class Discussions, SQ3R. Chapter 12 Quiz.
CLO #2 Discuss the nursing process as a systematic problem- solving tool in the nursing profession. Class Discussions, Group Presentation, SQ3R. Chapter 11 Quiz Unit Exam 3.
CLO #3 List the Texas Nursing Practice Act and the Texas Board of Nursing Rules that emphasize safety, as well as all federal, state, and local government and accreditation organization safety requirements and standards Class Discussions, Group Presentation, SQ3R.  Chapter 7 Quiz.
CLO #4 Explain the importance of teaching patients, families, and/or the community on relevant health information. Class Discussions, Group Presentation, SQ3R. Chapter 9 Quiz.
CLO #5 Discuss the use of technology in the health care field. EBP Article Review; Web research using Data Search Engines. Discussion Rubric (EBP Article on Healthcare Informatics).
CLO #6 Describe the roles of the nurse in the delivery of comprehensive care. (WECM). Field interview, Web Research. Interview Rubric.