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MDCA 1343 Course Guide

This course emphasizes medical office coding procedures for payment and reimbursement by patient or third party payers for ambulatory care settings. Prerequisite: Admission to the program and Program Chair approval.

SI Leader

Name of SI Leader: Rosario Vazquez

Office Location: Pecan Campus, C - 108

Office Telephone #: 956-872-2581

Email Address:

Discussion Topic


Ch 1. "Introduction To The Revenue Cycle"

           The chapter covers medical insurance and plans, reimbursement methods, and payers, concluding with requirements for success as a   

           medical insurance specialist.


Ch 2. "Electronic Health Records, HIPAA, and HITECH: Sharing and Protecting Patients' Health Information 

           This chapter covers medical records and documentation, an overview of HIPPA / HITECH legislation, and fraud, abuse, and compliance.


Ch 3. "Patient Encounters & Billing Information"

           This chapter covers new vs. established patients, verifying patient eligibility, referrals and encounter forms.



Supplemental Reading