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SOCI 1301 Course Guide


You will take a quiz and participate in a discussion on each chapter in the book.The quizzes will be mostly tru/false, multiple choice, and some short answer questions.  Each quiz is worth 15 points.

Chapter Discussions

Before you have taken the chapter quiz, participate in the chapter discussion to earn an additional 10 points.You will need to summarize the major topics being discussed in the chapter (2 pts), explain a new insight you gained from the chapter (2 pts), ask at least 2 questions to your classmates to better understand either their position/situation or their insights (2 pts), and make at least 2 additional comments of substance (3 or more sentences, 2 pts).  There will often be additional discussion points in the Content Section of Blackboard.

Film Notes

For almost EVERY chapter, you will be required to watch 2 or more Crash Course Sociology clips from Youtube.  You will find that these Crash Course clips help you better understand the chapter.  I suggest you watch the clips BEFORE you read the chapter.  To further enhance your understanding of the chapters, you will be required to watch 45ish minutes of documentary films per chapter.  Some suggested films are listed for each chapter, however; if you can find other films from Films on Demand or TEDTalks, those films could fill the assignment. If you view a film other than those listed in the syllabus, I need the date it came out, full title, and number of minutes.

You must HANDWRITE at least 1 full page of notes for each hour of films. For each Crash Course Sociology clip you should write at LEAST 1/2 a page of notes.  Write these notes as if you are participating in a lecture by one of the top experts in the field, because that is what this assignment IS! If you regularly take bullet point notes, that is acceptable. These notes MUST be handwritten, then scanned or uploaded and submitted to me via blackboard.  The notes portion is worth 10 points per hour.


Film Discussions

5 points is earned by participation in the film discussion board. Summarize 3-5 key points that impressed you in the film (2 pts), discuss one of the theories and how it applies to the film (1 1/2 pts), then comment or ask questions on at least 3 other people's posts (1 1/2 pts).  These comments need to show understanding and intellectual rigor (i.e. NOT I agree or other simple sentences!) Sometimes specific questions are given.

Out of Class Learning Experience (OCLE)

5 hours, 75 points. During this time you will donate your time to a worthwhile sociological cause working to better our community.  This will help you see the reality of the sociological issues we study.  It will be tremendously beneficial for you with building your resume and making connections with people in the community.  You will be require to turn in 1) a write up and 2) a log about your experiences. The write up must be 1-3 pages discussing what you did, what you learned, and how your service related to specific topics covered in our class.  The log must contain the signature and phone number of the person who supervised your service learning.  I have included some highly recommended service learning activities in the schedule of assignments including: Alpha Delta Conference, STC Research Symposium, the RGV Foodbank, training to become a mentor for the First Time Juvenile Offender Program.  With each of these suggested activities, you would obtain a certificate to include on your resume.  My face to face students are REQUIRED to participate in the 2 conferences and the workshop.  But you can choose something that works for you, just get it approved by me first!  If you need a letter explaining this assignment to others, contact me.

Alternate Assignment: If transportation and timing constraints make it difficult for you to participate in service learning, another option is viewing more films or completing more chapter notes.  If you choose this option, each 90 minutes of film is equal to one hour of service. Each set of chapter notes equals 2 hours of service. NOTE: You can do a combination of films, chapter notes, and service learning hours, as best fits your schedule.

Extra Credit

Built in: The lowest score for the quizzes, discussions, and films will become extra credit, rewarding you for doing your best and recognizing that the occasional emergency will occur and interfere with your school work. Therefore, if you complete ALL of the quizzes, film notes, and discussions, you will earn up to 70 points extra credit.  

Extra Chapter Notes: You can also earn 20 points of extra credit for every extra set of chapter notes you complete.

Extra OCLE hours: 5 points for each extra hour of service learning. You must include a log and write up, just like in the OCLE assignment. Maximum of 50 points extra credit through OCLE hours.



You will have 3 exams and 1 final (comprehensive) comprised of fill in the blank, short essay, listing, definition questions, and so forth ALL TAKEN ON BLACKBOARD. Questions will come from class lectures, assigned readings and handouts, and presentations.



Introduction to Sociology, 2e

Author: Griffins, H., Keirns, N., Strayder, E., Coden-Rydzewski, S., Scaramuzzo, G., Sadler, T., Vyain, S., Bry, J., Jones, F.

Publisher: Houston, TX: Openstax CNX

Edition: 2nd Edition

ISBN: 1-947172-11-5

Availability: Online (

Price: $0.00 (Free!)

First Week Introduction work

Week 1: Introduction Activity

Introduction Films: Crash Course Sociology Preview and #1 & #2 (youtube clips), LUPE (in our blackboard shell), the Power of the Situation (in our blackboard shell), AND choose 1 film from social justice (in Films on Demand).

Social Justice: The Price of Fairness (came out in 2016, 1 hour 16 minutes long), Moyers & Company: Social Activism 2.0-How Citizens are Standing up for Democracy (56 min) 2012; Moyers & Company: Progressives Pick Up the Pieces (37 min) 2013; A Peace of Bread: Faith, Food, and the Future (58 min) 2011; Dystopia: What is to be Done? (65 min) 2010; Moyers & Company: An Optimist for OUr Times (55 min) 2012; Lessons from the Real World: Social Issues and Student Involvement (58 min) 2011; Moyers & Company: The Path of Positive Resistance (57 min) 2012; Moyers & Company:Tom Morello-A Troubadour for Justice (55 min) 2012; Baltimore Rising (93 min) 2017; Fighting the SYstem (56 min) 2015; Habla Y Vota (55 min) 2016.