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Highlighted College Success Materials

These textbooks are open educational resources (OER) that are free to use without first seeking permission from the author. However, how they may be used is determined by their licensing .  

Communication in the Real World: An Introduction to Communication Studies

"The ultimate purpose of this book is to provide students with a rich understanding of communication in the real world so they can evaluate available information and then make good choices regarding communication studies." - Saylor Academy

Adapted by  Saylor Academy
License CC BY 3.0


Exploring Perspectives: A Concise Guide to Analysis

Learning objectives include: define analysis; show how we use analysis in everyday situations and in academic writing and discussion; understand the components of analysis and explain why each is necessary part of analysis; and show how too much attention to one particular component of analysis makes an essay seem, like a different type of writing.-  Saylor Academy

Adapted by Saylor Academy
Licensing CC BY 3.0

Handbook for Writers

"It might be tempting to see writing as just one of the many skills in which you'll have to demonstrate proficiency before leaving your ticket punched on your way to "higher level" coursework and a college degree. The more you get to know how language really works, the more you can get language to work for you, as great writers do."-  Saylor Academy

Adapted by Sayor Academy

Licensing CC BY 3.0

Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking

"From audience analysis to giving a presentation, Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking will guide students through the speech-making process." - Saylor Academy

Adapted by Saylor Academy

Licensing CC BY 3.0

Understanding Media and Culture: An Introdction to Mass Communication

"This book's title tells its intent. It is written too help you understand media and culture. The media and culture are so much a part of our days that sometimes it is difficult to step back and appreciate and apprehend their great impact on our lives."- Saylor Academy

Adapted by Saylor Academy

Licensing CC BY 3.0

Writing for Success

"Writing for Success is a text that provides instruction in steps, builds writing, reading, and critical thinking, and combines comprehensive grammar review with an introduction to paragraph writing and composition." - Saylor Academy

Adapted by Saylor Academy

Licensing CC BY 3.0

Educational College Success OER Collections

The purpose of these discipline specific pages is to showcase content that might be of interest to faculty who are considering adopting open educational resources for use in their classes.